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Teachers at ala yoga

Meghan Ganser E-RYT 500

I moved to Kaua'i to live aloha, having learned the importance of lifestyle, environment and the subconscious, through my studies in epigenetics. I have studied many things, including Vedic astrology, Kashmir Shaivism, Aikido Kokikai... my passion is to understand the natural world and also the inner world. When Anusara Yoga took root in my heart, I awoke to the laws of nature and consciousness, and through the grace of excellent teachers, I awoke to the art of teaching yoga asana.

I completed my first 200YTT in the heart of Philadelphia, Pa at Dhyana Yoga. Then I studied Jivamukti, Iyengar and Anusara for years, with teachers in Philadelphia and Asheville, NC. Those teachers are linked below, please scroll to the bottom of this page.  Around 2012, chronic pain in my shoulders and lower back pushed me to pursue asana in earnest, and Lillah Schwartz mentored me to a pain-free student of asana as medicine. I completed my 500RYT training with her from 2013-2015, along the way coming to understand the role of emotional pain in physical pain; reciprocal inhibition and muscular balance; asymmetry and compensation in dynamic asana. I have taught since 2005.

I am so deeply grateful to live Kaua'i. Everyday chicken skin moments as we share aloha, flow, and always reminders to breathe so deeply! My mission is to help you grow as a practitioner of yoga asana. My vision is for all beings happy and free, in a harmonious, abundant world.

My classes are called Skillful Flow Yoga, because that is what I am building as I practice- a flow which is technically and bio mechanically sound, safe and creative. The Buddha points to Skillful Means as an approach towards an ultimate goal- for me that is both mindful and embodied/ in flow.  

Kim Wood

Kim Wood is a yoga teacher, massage therapist, and energy medicine practitioner. Hi! I'm Kim! I love waking up. I welcome the gift of another day that will never happen again with as much humility, grace, and gratitude as I humanly can in that moment. I love to connect to myself first through the many offerings on the yoga path. These practices have served in deepening my self exploration through the conversation and relationship I have with myself, and have assisted me in creating the container into which I bring the day. The subtle shifts I experience reinforce my daily devotion. What will I witness inside of myself today, I wonder? Lovingly breathing, listening, and connecting to my inner rhythm before the world around me and the day becomes alive is a practice I have embraced since I was about 5 years old. My grandmother practiced yoga every morning upon waking, and I practiced with her, mimicking her movements, following her breath, emulating her to the best of my ability. I have studied and trained in many different forms of yoga. I am honored to share in these practices with you, experiencing, learning, and expressing together. I invite you to connect and explore within yourself as I support your facilitation of a conversation with yourself. How do you want to begin today's unique experience, and how do you want to show up? Wahe Guru!

Jen Banes

A personal tragedy, and willingness to move forward, created the perfect amount of synergy when Yoga came knocking, on the door of Jennifer’s heart, in September 2010. She stepped foot into her first yoga class on Oahu, Hawaii, taught by Kate Baldwin, at the North Shore Yoga Co-op. A divinely orchestrated and tearful Yin class was her initial experience with the Practice, she now credits with saving her life. Yoga became an intrinsic catalyst for deep healing and heartfelt significance in her being. She attributes her positively contagious and grateful attitude to the the journey of breath through Yoga, mindfulness, and gratitude journaling. Five years later upon moving to Coronado Island, California, she took her first 200 hour Kitaido (Hatha) Yoga Teacher Training led by hall-of-fame, Martial Artist and Yogi, Grand Master Jean Pierre Marques and Linda Marques. Thereafter, she taught at Coronado Yoga and Wellness Center for two years. Jennifer continued teaching her fellow Service Members on her spare time, and while deployed in the Middle East. Upon her return, she immediately took a month off and signed up, with Hawaii Yoga Institute, for a 200 hour Multi-Style Yoga Teacher Training to include Hatha, Vinyasa, and Restorative. She was greeted by three incredible teachers, to whom she feels were instrumental in who she’s becoming as Student and Teacher of Yoga: Tara Lavery, Courtney Wexler, and Kilty Inafuku. Before getting transferred, in May 2017 to Kauai, she took a Yin Yoga Teacher Training, with Sophie Abdennabi, Erin Ayres, and Ryan Glidden, at Mosaic Yoga in San Diego, California. There is no other place in the world she’d rather be, than on the mat sharing the Light of Yoga with you. Jennifer lives with the gift of Unknowing, and through this, unlocking the wisdom of the Universe with her mantra: “I don’t know. I love you. I am grateful.”

Jessica Rappold RYT200

Jess, born in upstate New York, graduated as a Physical Therapist Assistant over 6 years ago. Her journey with yoga began around the same time. She loved to explore various styles and studios, opening her mind and body to new experiences. Her desire for a deeper understanding and practice of yoga continued to grow. In Rishikesh, India, she completed her 200hr YTT, studying both Vinyasa and Hatha yoga styles. While there, Jess had the opportunity to submerge herself into a true yogic lifestyle, feeling absolute bliss. Living on Kauai since 2016, Jess hopes to share more than just her knowledge of anatomy and asanas. With a passion to help others, she aspires to empower individuals toward physical, mental and spiritual health. "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." -Lao Tzu

Pamela Salibi

I have practiced Yoga throughout my adult life, but became more focused in the past ten years or so, mostly to ground myself spiritually and to strengthen my body. It was my love for surfing that really encouraged me to make Yoga part of my daily routine.

I began practicing Baptiste Yoga in 2011 and went on to get my 200 hour teaching certification through the Baptiste Institute. The training brought a new knowledge and depth, igniting a desire to share Yoga as a lifestyle with others.

Studying and practicing with so many amazing teachers in a myriad of venues has led me to a love of Vinyasa, Power Yoga, Restorative and Yin. I received my Yin Yoga certification from the Santa Barbara Yoga Center this year.

My main goal in teaching is to inspire and encourage people of all ages, shapes, sizes, and walks of life to experience the many joys and benefits that an ardent Yoga practice can bring. It brings people together and strengthens community. Yoga is much more than a physical experience...it is discipline and a deep, spiritual sense of self. Practicing Yoga brings a life-fire and lightness of being to all!

I feel blessed and honored to have the opportunity to bring Yoga to our community through the Ala Yoga and Wellness Center. Namaste.

Puamana Guyang

Jerilyn Puamana Guyang "Love Melts All Blockages and Transforms All Life." ~ Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha "ALOHA❤️is a Discipline."

Andrew L

Andrew is a teacher and massage therapist who has been on a spiritual path since childhood. After having a spontaneous awakening at age 12, he found little interest in traditional education and began to study spiritual traditions from around the world along with contemporary scientific explorations of consciousness. Today, He has committed his life to the upliftment of humanity through teaching the truth that is known in the depths of all hearts and written in all sacred texts. Join Andrew for Satsang “Being in the company of Truth” where he will share the wisdom revealed to him through life and spirit. All are welcome. Topics include “What is peace?” “What is my purpose?” “What is Enlightenment?” and more!

Lorraine Renshaw

Lorraine is committed to supporting our Kaua’i Community Ohana through a time of great change. With an ability and willingness to be of service in bringing light to our higher, human potential and how we might evolve within ourselves; through positive transformation we are come to realize an opportunity to access grace. With grace we find a greater capacity to respond to input and our world in an aligned and harmonious manner. With such awareness in play, Lorraine is willing to guide whilst allowing for deeper shifts and change to occur naturally. As we apply such gratitude and grace, in order to transform the ego we are come to unfold a path of learning and growing together through turbulent times. Within this bowl of learning we might cultivate a deeper understanding of our collective human experience as a group evolving into a higher consciousness. With great love and compassion, as we witness one another, our newfound state of awareness will evolve as a presence revealed from within. Such awareness, when cultivated through greater practice over time, involves us in being supported internally by something that is all-knowing and willing to inform.

Lorraine has served as a stress management instructor for the Dean Ornish Program for Reversing Heart Disease and has traveled the world extensively in order to expand her awareness of the Yogic path and how we heal. As a practitioner and student of a wide variety of healing modalities and energy enhancement techniques that involve enhancing our awareness of the intuitive healer within, Lorraine has learned that our internal teacher is gentle and loving and willing to heal us if we allow for it. Such inner knowing comes with increased awareness and access to greater light now and increased access comes with greater understanding of how we are made and it involves how we respond to input. Noticing this sense of soul is part of our path of learning and Lorraine is looking forward to sharing this light with our Ohana. 

A Pranam (loving bow) to our teachers