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Ala Yoga & Wellness


Sometimes doors just open, even when your not sure you are ready for them to open; then you find yourself standing on new lands, breathing new air and taking it all in. This has been the adventure with Ala + moving to Kauai from Montana. Both very rural. One is covered in white, frozen snow for most of the year. The other surrounded in washing waves, salty air, and tropical breezes.

Yoga is home for me; where ever i go. It is this electric pulse of being, connecting, becoming & transforming. It is my way of being. It saves me when i'm lost or confused, and allows me depth in perception + inane knowing.

When teaching I experience a direct line of Source. So often the class leads me, rather than me leading it.

Getting outa the way is often the practice, more than the practice.It is my delight & purpose to build community & Ohana with great Aloha Spirit, in sacred Kalapaki, Kauai. Simply thank you.

We  greatly enjoy sharing Ala with you.


i have been teaching yoga for over 12 years now. I ran a yoga studio in Montana for 6 years. There I many varieties & styles of yoga classes, as well as private therapeutic yoga, and was a certified, licensed massage therapist.

In March of 2016, we moved to Kauai.  I did my official yoga teacher training in Boulder, CO. I have practiced with the best of the best teachers. I deeply honor and respect them all.

 Brenda Flemming was my first teacher. We started with Iyengar yoga.Then I explored many forms and ways of yoga.  Ashtanga Yoga with Richard Freeman followed. Dosha training with Mas Vidal, vinyasa & therapeutic yoga with tender yet vigorous with Stacey Overby.  I have had the honor of studying  with many teachers of life and yoga,as well as having my own personal practice. 

Over the years, yoga and many other teachings have given me great tools for learning, living, sharing, being and teaching. I have hosted many workshops and retreats. Some at Haramara Retreats in Sayulita, Mexico and Montana. Soon, here, in beautiful Kauai!  I am so very much looking forward to sharing love, learning and laughter!

My style of teaching is very natural, intuitive, sometimes vigorous, sometimes restorative, and often with music, or just your breath as the music. I allow what feels, to guide my teaching. I listen. I channel. I guide. I teach. 

I share & be. Yoga is home for me, my greatest connection with Source, is when I teach.

So I know it is what I'm suppose to share and do.

I hope to share with you and see you at

Ala Yoga & Wellness.

Thank you.

Namaste & Aloha

much love,


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