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 spirit enlivening

deep ease

yin + restore



power vinyasa

wild movement

integrative study



guided meditations

$10 powerflow fridays

w Pamela

An amazing way to end your week with little extra power in your pocket! We invite you to move + sweat + take on the weekend, feelin like the rockstar you are!

level 3. active

ala enliven: custom vinyasa flow

Enlivening + invigorating intoxication of movement;

 blended with deep soul/ Spirit nourishment. Customized vinyasa classes, created with intuition intelligence + integrity + source knowing + intuitive movements.

 LEVEL 2-3 intermediate.

center+slow flow

Arrive fully into your body.  

Sink in deep + explore. Allow greater depth + wisdom + knowing within. Be with what arises, to release deeply; restructuring + re-calibrating. 

This invites depth, greater calm, centered-ness and vitality to recognize the subtleties of the channels or (nadis) of the body + mind. 

LEVEL 2. intermediate.

warm sculpt+powerflow

Heat is on internally + externally. 

Sculpting every inch of your body with innovative + effective + efficient booty & core potency;

 to create refinement of whole body tone.

Level 3. challenging, active.

skillful flow: astro + align

Astrological insights + wisdom to assist you with insights about what is happening & what is to come.

 Skillful flow yoga with guidance & knowledge of body & alignment; creating activation, elongation + internal & external strength & confidence.

Level 2. intermediate.

Gentle flow

A delicious way to move + release + reset in your mind + body. These classes are for all levels and welcome you refresh. Create clarity & vitality.

 Level 1. mellow. gentle.

Ala ease: yin+restore 

Restore + Unwind + evoke ease internally & externally.

 Deeply nourishing + calming for your nervous system,

 restoring ala your internal systems, clearing brain fog. 

A reset for you emotionally + mentally + physically.

 A way to ground + clear + allow deep ease.

 Level 1: mellow. gentle.

warm powerflow

Power+flow. An invigorating, intoxication of movement!

 A rhythmic flow to increase heat, stamina, awareness, mobility, focus & clarity.  Internal + external heat to detox & transform.

level 3


satsang w andrew

 saturdays at 6:15pm 

starting April 7th

Andrew is a teacher and massage therapist who has been on a spiritual path since childhood. After having a spontaneous awakening at age 12, he found little interest in traditional education and began to study spiritual traditions from around the world along with contemporary scientific explorations of consciousness.

 Today, He has committed his life to uplifting humanity through teaching the truth that is known in the depths of all hearts and written in all sacred texts.

Join Andrew for Sat-sang  or "Being in the company of Truth.”  He will share  wisdom revealed to him through life and Spirit. Everyone is welcome! Sat-sang is gathering to share about this life experience in both human + Divine forms.  It is a sharing of ideas about  peace, purpose,  Enlightenment. A sharing of  the philosophies of yoga + life. 

 Satsang is diving into the depths of consciousness + subconsciousness + the known + unknown. A collaboration + sharing of deep wisdom + knowing.  No asana practice for this, so be comfortable and open to expand your consciousness + Spirit!

We offer you the complete, quality experience at Ala. Offering only the best teachers. Each with extensive training and experience to challenge you, restore you, and offer you the highest quality yoga experience possibleWe also offer free complimentary mats, organic tea, cold filtered, water and hand towels at Ala. 

We are located in Kalapaki Bay, 

3501 Rice St.

Look for us on Second floor. Suite 2016.


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A  L  A

Translates as; "A road or path," in Hawaiian.

Meaning to bring together, join, allow Union.

A bridging of ideas + worlds + ways of being.

Also, it is used as in "a la mode," as in pie + ice cream 

or Yoga + feeling your best. 

Ala joins the best things in life!

Ala Yoga & Wellness

 e x p e r i e n c e

  y o g a   a t  A l a

Yoga Classes at Ala are designed & created with intention, intuition, years of experience, pure curiosity and joy of learning and sharing! We invite you to fully experience the weaving, wisdom and freedom of yoga, not limited to one specific kind or type of yoga. We invite you to simply feel good, in the ease of your breath, body and being. You as you are; messy or shiny. No sleep or full sleep. We invite you to join us for Ala it to feel oh so good for Ala you!



Kama'aina (local) Drop in: 


First time one month unlimited:


Visitor Drop-in: 


Travelers 7 days unlimited: 



($17 a class/expires 4 months)



($14 a class/expires 4 months)







recurring 6 months. (can cancel anytime. no charge.)


e x p e r i e n c e




The best way to really shift your life, body, mind and being is to fully dive in.

B E   U N L I M I T E D




P A C K A  G E

S M A L L   B U S I N E S S   U N L I M I T E D   P A C K A G E   

We all know yoga is the best way to reduce stress, tone & tighten our bodies, & literal make us both happier & calmer at once! Basically we just become better humans Ala round!  This package literally makes your business better, because your employees have less aches & pains,  feel more confident, (which in turn, creates more confidence in your business). 


We are offering  you our exclusive



U N L I M I T E D 

 P A C K A G E

The package goes like this:

The Boss (Lady or Man)  puts the package under his or her name. 

Then adds up to 5 other Rockstar employees, to receive & be unlimited!

 Once the list is created,

 bring your Ala-Star list to Ala for your first class. 

We will do the rest! 

e x p e r i e n c e


A L A - S T A R

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e x p e r i e n c e

A l a    b o d y w o r k


Wholistic is the philosophy that all parts of a thing are interconnected. In medicine or healing, a wholistic treatment is recognizing a person as a whole. We see you.  We recognize you are balancing a lot! Everyday! Stresses, imbalances, happinesses, sadnesses, lightness & heaviness. Emotional challenges, body challenges, injuries or diseases. Traumas, small and big, and just simply living this grand & beautiful life as it is.

We know and recognize you, as a Spirit, a human, as a spiritual human. We are intrinsically aware of Ala the parts and pieces of you. We understand healing, health, and wellbeing are intertwined. These Ala bodywork sessions are offered for you to unwind, reset, and allow you to release, become lighter in your Spirit and your whole Self.

Jennie offers you Ala bodywork, a blending of Cranial Sacral, Polarity & Reiki therapy as well as an integration of 12+ years of yoga teaching and massage therapy entwined. 

-Reset for your nervous system 

-Revitalize on a cellular level

-Clear energetic "nadis" or pathways

-Reduced muscle pain, tension & stress

-Clear subconscious limitation patterns

-Release stuck-ness, heaviness, lower vibrational energies 

-Enliven clarity, vitality and awaken Self


 Ala bodywork Single Session:

75 min. Consultation & single session: $120.


1-75 min. consultation & session:

3-40 min follow-up sessions:


Book with Jennie directly at Ala or text her at 970.222.7391 or email at [email protected]

e x p e r i e n c e 


 b o d y w o r k   

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SUITE 2016

H A R B O R  M A L L

3501 RICE ST.




p: 808.212.1344

c: 970.222.7391

e: [email protected]